2017 Viola Award Nominee for Emerging Artist

Kris Kohl has been an incredibly influential and key-player in the rise of the local Flagstaff DIY music scene. He has played in numerous bands and projects as well as helped organize countless shows for the Flagstaff community.

Whether it’s punk, pop-punk, new-wave, or alt-emo, Kris has done it all, and always with full commitment. He plays music with multiple bands, and under many alias’, most recently as Cereal Milk, Soft Butter, and Feral Moan, before that was Human Weather. Every single time Kris performs, he devotes his entire self to the music, never falling short of emotion or enthusiasm.

Kris’s contribution to Flagstaff doesn’t stop with his music, he goes above and beyond most other musicians by organizing and booking, as well as designing unique flyers for local shows. Kris has also helped turn local hair Salon, Head Space, into a prominent DIY concert venue.

In the local DIY music scene, Kris’s name is known by all. When you’ve given so much to a local music scene it’s hard to go unnoticed. He’s built a large reputation for his music while selflessly helping the endeavors and ambitions of others’. Kris has completely devoted himself to the local Flagstaff music scene, and at the end of the day, it simply comes back to Kris’s honest and inspiring love for music and self-expression.

In August of 2016 Kris took his band Cereal Milk out on a West Coast tour playing 10 shows in AZ and CA.

“For someone like myself who is a performing musician, to watch Kris play live is not only enjoyable but truly inspiring. Beyond his music, Kris is one of the most humble and benevolent people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.”

“This guy sleeps, eats & drinks, music. He plays several DIY shows a week and is an all around great person.”  

Kris Kohl (as Feral Moan) Solo Acoustic 

Listen to Cereal Milk on Soundcloud (Electronic Project)
Listen to Feral Moan on Soundcloud (Emo/ punk-pop Project)

LYRIC Sample

and, i listened to both sides
of “Sentimental Health”
because this album reminds me
what it means to make music
that is heartfelt.
and why most nights
i have my cold bed all alone to my cold self.
-Blueberry Pancakes

Kristopher Kohl – Emerging Artist winner