2017 Viola Award Nominee for Emerging Artist  

Jim Dugan is an emerging actor in the Flagstaff theater scene. Since Jim’s break-out performance in Jan Rominger’s acclaimed productions of RENT and The Full Monty, (nominated for a 2016 Viola Awards in the performing arts category) he has continued working in many capacities with Theatrikos, as well as with Flagstaff Light Opera Company (where he serves on the board of directors) and the new Take Flight theater Troupe. In addition, he is the youngest member of Theatrikos Artistic Committee.

In 2016 Jim Dugan made his directorial debut for the two-person play titled The Gin Game. The play was a Theatrikos production that was performed at the Dorris Harper-White playhouse June 30- July 3. Jim is also currently working towards his Doctoral degree in Education at Northern Arizona University, which is a major creative/artistic outlet in addition to theatrical work. His research focuses on ways to help elementary school students become more aware of their bodies/movement.

“Not only is Jim extremely talented both on and off stage, he is a pleasure to work with and has a very diplomatic way of navigating through potentially difficult situations without compromising his artistic vision. Jim is a breath of fresh air at Theatrikos and to the artistic community of northern Arizona.”

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