2017 Viola Award Nominee for Business for the Arts

Firecreek Coffee Company has become well-known in Flagstaff for their locally roasted coffee sold in their café downtown as well as in businesses throughout Northern Arizona. However, Firecreek offers more than just a great cup of coffee to our community – they also open their doors to many arts, music, cultural events, and fundraisers. They host a plethora of local art exhibitions, poetry slams, concerts, community meetings, and special events. What makes Firecreek unique compared with other venues is the open accessibility that they offer for local talent to gain exposure.

Owner, Mike Funk, opened the original Firecreek Roastery in Sedona. After setting up several wholesale accounts in Flagstaff, he was drawn to the community and decided to open the downtown café, which was soon followed by the roastery south of the tracks.

“I have a really great team of workers in Flagstaff,” he says. Mike Funk treats his staff like family and allows them to contribute their talents towards the success of the business.

The entire staff at Firecreek Coffee Company are committed and involved members in the Flagstaff community, all contributing to the local art and music scene in some way or another. This is one of the many reasons why Firecreek is become a favorite spot for Flagstaff locals as well as tourists.

Weekly Poetry Slam events fill the venue to near capacity with young creatives, ready to take their turn on the stage and share their words. Previous Booking Manager, John Quinonez, brought in other literary events to Firecreek such as the Something Said Only Once series and has hosted several famous writers such as Buddy Wakefield and David Liebe Hart.

Firecreek Coffee Company has served a large role in supporting the local music scene in Flagstaff. David Stracknay the production manager / talent buyer has been a driving force in helping Firecreek evolve from an open-mic style coffee house to one of Flagstaff’s most prominent and respected all-ages venue. Bridging the gap between local music and underage concert goers, Firecreek has created a space where people of all ages can enjoy music, even occasionally offering free shows. David is someone who has a vision for what Flagstaff’s music scene could eventually become, and continuously works to elevate and evolve our community.

Jacques Cazaubon Seronde, or “Cazo” as most call him, manages the art gallery at Firecreek. The depth of the historical venue offers long walls with plenty of space to host several artists every month. Cazo consistently books thought provoking art in the gallery, which rotates with every First Friday ArtWalk. The gallery has hosted many unique art exhibitions that you would not find in your typical downtown gallery or store. You never know what you will find hanging in the gallery, it may be contemporary, edgy and sometimes disturbing, but always presented in good taste.

Since 2008 Firecreek Coffee has been providing coffee and equipment services to cafés, chef driven restaurants and fine grocery outlets throughout Arizona.  Their motto is “It matters to them, they matter to us” – which refers to both suppliers and customers. Their coffee is purchased in micro-lots through sustainable trade practices from individual farmers.  Recently, a new roastery has opened on the southside of the downtown area and a new coffee shop is opening in Sedona.  Firecreek Coffee Company is a place that has become like home to many local artists, musicians and writers, which makes it a true example of fostering community through the arts.