The Arts Council has a variety of fun and engaging workshops this summer and fall for your enjoyment and learning. New workshops added to the slate are the popular Introduction to Improvisation Comedy workshop, and C. Tanner Jensen’s Introduction to Watercolor in October. See below for the full slate of offerings.

Workshop Schedule and Information

Surface Design on Fabric – July 23

ART2 form_uploads-3543596-32aeb78d-3d0c-431f-8a20-73e86ca8139f-4-Full+Moon+-2B4A0673+(1)Surface design is one of the most universal art forms. The patterns or colors on clothing, quilts, linens, wall art, or any other textile are examples of surface design. In this process-oriented workshop, Sharon Richards will provide students with fabrics to explore many demonstrated techniques. Throughout the workshop, students will be encourage to think beyond the basics in order to create unique designs.  Participants will also be encouraged to share and talk among themselves. We will play and have fun!

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Painting in the Wild – July 30

YOU Frederica Hall - SquarePainting in the Wild – meditations for the beginning mind – is a day-long guided exploration of abstractions evoked by wild nature settings with creative meditations in oil painting. Led by artist Frederica Hall, participants will carpool in a 4WD van, stopping for photos along the way, to an inspiring vista with good opportunities for unique compositions, a beautiful sunset, and a creative adventure in oil painting. This painting day will end with a toast and a fun circle of supportive critique. Participants are encouraged to bring a couple of pieces of their art to share with the circle.

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Watercolor & Watersoluble Graphite – August 6-7

BROCHURE -Dillingham+-+Banana+with+Oranges+square+formatWatersoluble graphite is one of the more versatile media: you can use it like a pencil to draw lines or do shading; when you use a wet brush, it behaves like watercolor (minus the color). Watersoluble graphite is great for working quickly with the full range of values, whether doing bold dramatic or fine detailed drawings. Led by artist and educator Elaine Dillingham, participants will use four watercolor pigments to mix the full spectrum of color, then learn to layer color on top to create a variety of beautiful effects.

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Color Reduction Relief Printmaking – August 6-7, 13-14

deb nappleIn this 4-day workshop novice printmakers will design, cut and print an original, unique woodblock or linoleum block print in an edition of 5-10. All students will leave with an edition of their own 4-color print. This workshop, taught by artist and educator Deb Strong Napple, progresses beyond one-color relief prints. Here artists create a multiple-colored relief print from one block of linoleum or wood, layering colors until the image is completed. The effects can be similar to a glazed painting, where transparent colors overlay one another to create new, interesting colors on the paper.

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Improv Comedy Workshop – August 30-October 4

Garrison GrantFlagstaff Arts Council is pleased to present another 6-week series of Introduction to Improvisational Comedy Workshops with Garrison Garcia. Participants in these workshops will learn the basics of listening, agreement and teamwork through the introduction of short form games. In sessions, students will focus on the exploration of characters, environments and organic openings. The last two weeks will teach long form principles, and prepare students for the stage. The workshops are designed for all levels of experience and skill.

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Introduction to Watercolor – October 15

C._Tanner_JensenThrough Introduction to Watercolor, participants will learn about the materials for watercolor and how to choose them. They will learn how to handle Watercolor and methods to create pattern and texture. Instructor C. Tanner Jensen will show participants a variety of Watercolor media that is available as well as different types of paper and where you may find them. The session will cover Color Mixing, Washes, Glazing, Wet into Wet, Dry Brush, Lifting, and Techniques for Creating Texture. All materials are provided for this workshop. No prior art experience is necessary. Participants must be 18 years of age or older, or be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also a paid participant.

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