Viola Awards Logo_color_noyear_webThe Flagstaff Arts Council is accepting nominations throughout the year for the 2017 Viola Awards, celebrating excellence in the arts and sciences. The Viola Awards are Flagstaff’s Oscars for the arts and sciences community, recognizing artists, educators, organizations and leaders who make positive contributions to the arts and sciences in Flagstaff. Over 600 people attend the gala event to celebrate and support these amazing folks.

Nominations are sent to Flagstaff Arts Council by the community at large; anyone can nominate an artist, leader, organization, business or event for an award in one of nine categories. From this pool of nominees, a Panel of past Viola Award winners and experts in the field select nominees in each category to be the Official Viola Award Nominees. The Panel then meets to determine the winner in each category. The Viola Award winners are announced each year at the Viola Awards Gala Event.

The deadline to make a nomination for the Viola Awards is December 6, 2016.

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Nomination categories are:

  • 2015 Viola Award by Sonja London-Hall

    2015 Viola Award by Sonja London-Hall

    Visual Arts – for visual art projects, such as exhibitions, series of art works, public art, etc., presented in 2016

  • Performing Arts / Music – for performing arts or music projects, such as new albums, theatrical productions (directing, acting, etc.), or other performance, presented in 2016
  • Storytelling – for literature, film (shorts or full feature), creative writing, journalism, or other works such as novels, books of poetry, essay series, etc., presented or published in 2016
  • Arts Educator – to recognize an excellent arts educator
  • Science Educator – to recognize an excellent science educator
  • Emerging Artist – to recognize a student artist or new artist (in any medium: visual, performing, writing, film, etc.) who has been professionally producing art for less than three years
  • Business for the Arts – to recognize a business that supports the arts through services and/or philanthropy
  • Leadership – to recognize an individual, group or organization for visionary leadership and positive impact on the arts and/or sciences
  • Viola Legacy Award – to recognize lifetime achievement in the arts and/or sciences by an individual

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