Our Executive Director John Tannous visited some studios during the Williams, Arizona, portion of the art tours associated with A New Latitude this past weekend. There, he uncovered some new and exciting art, met creative people, laughed a lot, and watched a blacksmith demonstration. Below are some photos of the experience.

This weekend, June 25-26, features A New Latitude Art Tours throughout Flagstaff. The art exhibition currently at the Coconino Center for the Arts, A New Latitude, serves as a preview of most of the artists participating in the art tour. Patrons can visit the Center, view art, choose their favorites, and then hit the road and visit the studios of the artists whose art catches their eyes. It should be a fun and active weekend for art. Consider the following a bit of a preview for the kind of experience this weekend will provide.

The studio visits began at Tom and Kris Williams’ home and studio just north of Williams (no relation to the town name). There, seven artists were showing work and conducting demonstrations of their work. Tom Williams took a group of patrons on a tour of his blacksmith studio and then demonstrated a small part of his work.

Tom Williams Demonstration

Here’s a short video of Tom’s demonstration in action:

Tom’s studio has a LOT of work space. This is just one of his many areas, and honestly, I can’t remember what he does with each table!


I’m not sure if these are torture devices or if he uses them to make his amazing sculptures. Either way, it’s a really cool workshop.

tom williams demo

Of course, Tom’s work is beautiful. His wind chimes are popular, but he also does sculpture and bells and more. Catch him at Studio P during the Art Tour on June 25-26.


After Tom’s demo, we exited and were led right into Cathi Borthwick’s booth. I don’t know if they planned it that way, but it was excellent coordination nonetheless, since Cathi’s work is all metal and blacksmithed.


After we saw Tom’s demo, we understood the immense amount of work that went into making even the most simple and elegant of metal pieces. Catch Cathi at Studio T during the Art Tour on June 25-26


Next door to Cathi was Ken Walters, who is a phenomenal photographer. He prints a lot of his work on metal, which gives his exquisite images a crispness and clarity that is hard to describe. I told him that his images were clearer than using my own eyes. Catch him at Studio T (with Cathi) during the Art Tour on June 25-26.


Next, we stopped by Therese Black’s booth. She does incredibly detailed colored pencil and ink art. The amount of time she must put into one work of art!


She was working on a piece that showed a tree next to a body of water. The tree was mirrored on the surface of the water. I can’t wait to see how this one turns out.


Next, we traveled to Joni Pevarnik’s beautiful studio, where five artists were showing work. Glass artist Sondra Francis was there with a great spread of her creations. Catch Sondra at Studio R during the Art Tour on June 25-26.


Jeweler Ryanne Sebern was selling her hand crafted jewelry near Sandra on Joni’s front patio. Catch her at Studio Q during the Art Tour on June 25-26.


In Joni’s clay studio, she was helping a young man make a clay pot.


People were enjoying the creative playtime with the potter’s wheel in Joni’s studio.

Joni Pevarnik is, of course, one of the more prolific artists working in Northern Arizona. You can tell by the huge amount of work she has in process in her studio. Catch Joni at Studio Q during the Art Tour on June 25-26.

joni pevarnik pots2

Here are some of her finished pieces that were on sale:

joni pevarnik pots

Also displaying and demonstrating at Joni’s studio was prolific painter and performance artist Frederica Hall, pictured below, and ceramicist Angie Bray Widner. Catch Frederica and Angie at Studio M during the Art Tour on June 25-26.


All that great art, and that was from visiting only TWO studios! Imagine how full the coming weekend of Art Tours will be. Have fun out there!