The $5 Challenge:
Pledge $5 Monthly or Pledge $5 Once.

spring appeal

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By supporting the Flagstaff Arts Council with just $5 a month, you will help our community arts programs to flourish. That’s only $60 a year, which will earn you a Patron level Membership. A one-time donation will still help us plant the seeds for continued awareness and growth of our programs.

The Flagstaff Arts Council’s mission is to promote, strengthen and advocate for the arts in our community. We support all arts programs and organizations in Flagstaff, not just our own. We provide the Coconino Center for the Arts as a venue for many local events, workshops, fundraisers and performances. We also allocate the City of Flagstaff BBB tax revenues for the Art & Science Fund, contributing to project and operating expenses for many local organizations that you know and love.

Become a member of the Flagstaff Arts Council for as little as $35. Members are invited to attend special events like the Local Color Members’ Preview and receive discounts and other benefits throughout the year. More information can be found on each donation page below.

Monthly Sustaining Donation
One Time Donation

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Please help us to spread the roots of our Spring Appeal. After making your tax deductible donation, please save the tree image above and share it with your friends on your Facebook page.

How to Participate:

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3. Write this (or something similar) in the post to your friends:
“I just made a $5 monthly donation to the Flagstaff Arts Council. I challenge these five friends to match my donation. Together, we will help the arts grow in Flagstaff.”


How our programs support the arts in our community:OurPrograms

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