Vicki Thompson played the lead role of Margaret in Theatrikos Theatre Company’s production of Good People at Doris Harper-White Playhouse that ran September 25 – October 11, 2015.


The play, tremendously moving and often hilarious, questions what really makes us good people. It centers around Margie Walsh, a single mother raising her adult developmentally disabled child who runs into her high school sweetheart from 30 years ago. This chance reunion reveals a lot of past secrets as well as their beliefs about the roles chance and choice played in their lives.

In the play, Margie, a tough middle-aged “Southie” from the wrong part of Boston, loses her job and is one Bingo game away from homelessness. In reaching out to an old flame from her youth—now a successful doctor—Margie risks all as she tries to find a fresh start. Will Margie’s luck finally change for the better? An insightful comedy of class and culture, the recent Broadway hit is darkly funny and surprisingly touching.


Vicki played Margie with a demonstrated dedication to her role, which was a keystone for the performance of the entire cast. Her effort was unsurpassed in developing a realistic and engaging character who was on-stage for every scene of the play. Her believability was enhanced by all of the time she spent outside of rehearsals researching her character’s background in socio-economics, culture, and dialect.

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