Flagstaff based five piece folk rock band, Tow’rs, has released a new full length CD, The Great Minimum, in 2015. Fresh off their Emerging Artist award win from the 2015 Viola Awards, the group released the new album in June. It follows up their well-received debut self-titled album from 2014.album+art+soph

 Tow’rs came together as a group in Flagstaff. The band members met by volunteering locally six years ago, and began playing covers. Eventually they wanted more and began writing original songs.

In October 2015, they performed a headline show at the Orpheum Theater featuring most of their new material. Their live sound is fresh and vibrant, strong and polished, like that of a veteran musical act rather than a young upstart. The crowd was large for a new local act.


Their lyrics are thoughtful and poetic. The title of the CD is based on a poem by G.K. Chesterson. Gretta Miller, vocalist and bassist, says: “It’s written by an older man at the end of his life looking back and recognizing that the greatest moments of his life were in the smallest, beautiful things—it wasn’t these large extravagant things. It was a really good cup of coffee or a conversation. I think a lot of our songs have touches of that.”

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