The Arts Council had a great 2015, and several recent news stories have noticed the strong programs produced here at the Coconino Center for the Arts. Scientific American posted a blog story about top exhibitions that combine science and art around the country, and included the Fires of Change exhibition, which is now open in Tucson at the University of Arizona Museum of Art.

Scientific American news blog

Sei SaitoThe Arizona Daily Sun covered the year end in news stories for the arts. Their review of big visual art impact programs in 2015 mentioned two exhibitions at the Coconino Center for the Arts: Fires of Change and Sei Saito’s Journey.

Arizona Daily Sun article

We’ve also announced the hiring of our new Artistic Director, Travis Iurato. We’ll post a picture and more information so that you can get to know Travis later this week. For now, check out this great Arizona Daily Sun story and interview with Travis.

AZ Daily Sun article about Travis Iurato

Finally, there was coverage of the new Southwestern Invitational exhibition that opens this Saturday at the Coconino Center for the Arts. Check out that article below.

Article about Southwestern Invitational