Rich Krueger teaches Liberal Studies, Physics, Geology, Meteorology, Engineering, Astronomy, and Robotics at Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy. In addition to working at FALA, he works as a Field Instructor at the National Outdoor Leadership School. Before coming to FALA, Rich worked as a math and science teacher in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Rich says that he has shaped his Liberal Studies experience around “busting myths, hoaxes, urban legends, and pseudoscience.” He received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and his Masters of Arts in Science Teaching from NAU. Rich has been with FALA since 2011.Rich-Krueger-Dec-2012

Rich Krueger was selected in a competitive process to accompany NASA researchers on the SOFIA mission. Later this year, they will take flight alongside scientists on NASA’s flying observatory. The Thompson/Krueger team was just one of 14 chosen from a highly competitive, nationwide field of educators. Each team of ambassadors will work with a professional astronomer to experience airborne astronomical research first-hand. Afterward, the educators share what they learned with their classrooms and local communities.

Rich is responsible for bringing astronomy to FALA and has inspired students to study the constellations—to the point of meeting up in the dead of night to view the night sky through FALA’s telescope. Also Rich, along with Merri Sue Carter, started the FALA robotics clubs. Rich’s enthusiasm for discovery is contagious and the lessons explored in his classroom always spill out onto the campus and into the community in delightful and creative ways. Rich is a tireless student as well as educator—a combination that makes him a popular and successful science educator.

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