The View from Mars Hill is a newspaper column written by Kevin Schindler and published bi-weekly in Flagstaff’s Arizona Daily Sun. Kevin began writing the column in 2003, and wrote it periodically until 2006. He began writing it again in 2013 on a bi-weekly basis.

The topics are astronomy-themed and usually include some combination of Flagstaff ties, history, current events, unusual phenomena and astronomy in everyday life.

Kevin Shinder. Photo by Jake Bacon

Kevin Schindler. Photo by Jake Bacon

Kevin is a long-time employee of Lowell Observatory and combines his interests in science and Flagstaff history to produce journal articles, blogs, booklets and books as well as the column and an assortment of special submissions to the Arizona Daily Sun over the years.

In Kevin’s almost 20 year tenure at Lowell, he has been involved in community science outreach using both his skills as an oral presenter and a writer, and is now the official Lowell historian. He served on the board of the Flagstaff Festival of Science from 1998-2014, was chosen as the first recipient of the Viola Award for Excellence in Science Education and is Sheriff of the Flagstaff Corral of Westerners, an international organization dedicated to western American history.