Kameron Owens captured the heart and attention of the Flagstaff community when he played the role of “Horse” in the summer Theatrikos production of The Full Monty. It would be hard to tell from his bold stage presence that this was his first live theatre role, as he had the audience rolling from his well timed puns and grooving to his lively musical numbers. As an NAU student in his early 20s, he impressively portrayed a 60+ year old man with a cane.

The Full Monty follows six unemployed Buffalo steelworkers, desperate to find worthy jobs and make some cash, decide to organize a male strip show. In an attempt to gain attention, one of the men declares that their show will top all of the rest… because they will go “the full monty,” – strip all the way. As they prepare for the performance, working through their self-consciousness and personal dramas, they overcome their fears and find strength through their newfound camaraderie.

Kameron was born in Compton and grew up in Moreno, CA. He is currently an RA in Mountain View Hall at NAU. He is a Junior at NAU studying Choral Education, aspiring to be a music teacher. He is currently working to become an official member of the Black Student Union, with just a few requirements left to fill. Since Kameron’s breakout role in The Full Monty, he has continued to broaden his performance abilities. He was recently cast in the NAU School of Music production of, “Kiss Me, Kate!” as Hortensio.

His personal mission is to bridge educational achievement gaps of minority students by teaching them to love and appreciate themselves through learning about their ancestors’ historical contributions to music in the U.S. and worldwide.

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