Janelle Reasor has been the Magnet Programs Coordinator at Eva Marshall Elementary since 2008. She wears many hats and continually seeks new opportunities to be involved in FUSD and Flagstaff community. As the art and science integration specialist, she teaches essential emerging literacy intervention classes as well as science and language-arts extension classes to discrete student groups each day during the school day as a part of Marshall’s Response to Intervention (RTI) framework. She also welcomed the opportunity to be a 2015 FUSD teacher leader in math and science through FUSD’s Improve Teacher Quality Grant. She is an active arts education advocate and continues to support students and teachers with her contagious involvement and commitment to education in Arizona.

Janelle developed the Magnet Program for Marshall Elementary School bringing extra-curricular education around Arts and Sciences.  This program put Marshall Elementary on the map by being recognized annually by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Flagstaff Community Foundation.  Janelle has empowered Marshall Magnet School to both revitalize and enhance the schools’ dedication to academic excellence and to providing rigorous and meaningful extracurricular learning opportunities in the arts and sciences to all of our students, each and every day. Additionally, the Magnet program catalog of one-of-a-kind extracurricular programs that she has crafted has allowed Marshall to provide much-needed assistance to our students as they develop a stronger sense of self-confidence, an array of creative thinking skills, a very-real enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and the ability to make positive life-affirming, socially-responsible decisions about their personal and educational goals.

Only at Marshall are one-of-a-kind Governor’s Arts, Arizona Department of Education and Flagstaff Arts Council award-winning K-5 activities offered to students free of charge during the school day. Some of the activities she has brought on with community and teacher partnerships are: Suzuki Violin, Chess Club, Heritage Habitat & Gardening programs, TeamMastermind, Lego League Robotics, Photojournalism, Painting, Band, Choir, Ballet Folklorico de Colores, Japanese Taiko Drumming, Modern Dance, Boys and Girls STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Team, Technology and Digital Media Editing Lab, and Creative Writing Workshop.

Janelle coordinates Marshall’s ongoing annual Artist- and Scientist-in-Residency programs in partnership with numerous Flagstaff community partners and educators district-wide. Collaboration and passion continue to drive the success of these programs in support of Marshall students and teachers.

Janelle’s aggressive fundraising efforts through grant writing, a rigorous tax credit campaign and Flagstaff’s popular annual Adult Dodgeball Tournament continue to bring opportunities to Marshall’s Title 1 population. She is a true leader by example.

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