Holt Hamilton, filmmaker, has made several films with Native American subject matter.  Legends From the Sky is a Native American science fiction thriller filmed on the Navajo and the Makah reservations. His film credits also include More Than Frybread, Blue Gap Boy’z and Turquoise Rose.

Travis Holt Hamilton

Legends chronicles a Native American Veteran searching for his missing grandfather after his ancestral land is mysteriously taken over by an unknown federal organization. Legends features Edsel Pete, Navajo; Mia Sable, Choctaw; Ernie Tsosie III, Navajo; James Bilagody, Navajo; Thomas H. Begay, Navajo and a Navajo Code Talker; Wayne Charles Baker, Squamish; Jon Gonzales, Chiricahua Apache; Drew Moore; Cale Epps and Chris Robinson.  All of Hamilton’s films include Native American actors. His desire is to develop and feature new Native American actors more than the handful who are typically featured in mainstream movies.

Legends of the Sky poster. Film by Holt Hamilton

Hamilton gets to know the Native country and communities he works and films in.  By learning about different cultures and lifestyles, Hamilton highlights the differences using his own experiences to guide the film. Hamilton works to challenge people’s stereotypes and misconceptions about Native Americans.


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