The Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy’s (FALA) production of Godspell in May of 2015 showcased some of Flagstaff’s finest young talent. Over the course of just three shows, Godspell 2015 performed in front of an audience of just over 850 people. Performed at the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, the 15 person cast of high schoolers came together to spread the message of love and unity to the people of Flagstaff, all while rocking out and singing to the music of Stephen Schwartz’s revamped 2012 revival soundtrack.

Godspell 2015 was a collaboration across classes at FALA; the Advanced Acting class performed the show, the technical theater class built the set and offered their media and outreach skills (see attached poster), and the music classes sacrificed time so some of FALA’s finest musicians could form a live accompaniment band for the show. Godspell 2015 is proof of the dedication and motivation of these high school students to unite and create a work of art that would change the community for the better.

Also worthy of mention are the instructors, Michael Levin and Eric Walden, who directed and musically directed the show, respectively. These leaders gave their unpaid time and effort into connecting these students and creating a bond that would never be broken.

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