Firecreek Coffee Company has become well-known in Flagstaff for their locally roasted coffee sold in their café downtown as well as in businesses throughout Northern Arizona. However, Firecreek offers more than just a great cup of coffee to our community – they also open their doors to many arts, music and cultural events. They host a plethora of local art exhibitions, poetry slams, concerts, community meetings, and special events. What makes Firecreek unique compared with other venues is the open accessibility that they offer for local talent to gain exposure.

Owner, Mike Funk, opened the original Firecreek Roastery in Sedona. After setting up several wholesale accounts in Flagstaff, he was drawn to the community and decided to open the downtown café, which was soon followed by the roastery south of the tracks. “I have a really great team of workers in Flagstaff,” he says. Mike Funk treats his staff like family and allows them to contribute their talents towards the success of the business.

Booking Manager John Quinonez hosts the weekly Poetry Slam on Wednesday nights, which fills the venue to near capacity with young creatives, ready to take their turn on the stage and share their words. This is one of many other events at Firecreek that are open to all ages, which provides an important service to the youth of our community.  Quinonez has brought in other literary events to Firecreek such as the Something Said Only Once series he started last summer and has hosted several famous writers such as Buddy Wakefield and David Liebe Hart.

Local musicians and touring groups alike can be found playing on Firecreek’s stage on a weekly basis, often the price of admission is by donation, with a big jar set out for patrons to contribute to the group. They also host regular open mic events to welcome new talent to the stage. FALA has hosted several events as well as other local theatrical groups. The popular house music and performing arts event, InnerSpace, has been hosted at Firecreek for the last two years.

Jacques Cazaubon Seronde, or “Cazo” as most call him, manages the art gallery at Firecreek. The depth of the historical venue offers long walls with plenty of space to host several artists every month. Cazo consistently books thought provoking art in the gallery, which rotates with every First Friday ArtWalk. The gallery has hosted many unique art exhibitions that you would not find in your typical downtown gallery or store. You never know what you will find hanging in the gallery, it may be contemporary, edgy and sometimes disturbing, but always presented in good taste.

Firecreek Coffee Company is a place that has become like home to many local artists, musicians and writers, which makes it a true example of fostering community through the arts.

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