Erin Brinkman started studying painting from a young age while growing up in Apache Junction. Stemming from a combined love for the French language, she continued her painting studies in France for two years. When she returned to the United States, she taught French at Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy for five years and continued to paint for clients on a commission basis.

“In line with my fascination with French culture, my early work was greatly influenced by the post-impressionists, Toulouse-Lautrec in particular. I like the vividness and freedom that his work portrays both in technique and subject matter. Recently I’ve adopted more of the techniques used by the old masters; although I’ve been sometimes forfeiting spontaneity by doing it, I’m really liking the way layering the paint and glazing allows the light to pass through it,” she says.

Her style has since evolved from being impressionistic to more realistic. She began exhibiting her work in galleries in September of 2012. She has consistently kept her work in the public eye of Flagstaff ever since.

In reference to her evolution as an artist, she says, “I love how every piece of art is a reflection of the artist’s psyche in relationship to their environment (in my humble opinion anyway). I’m fascinated with the origins of Dadaism and Pop Art because of their commentary on nothingness and superficiality. But that’s not where I am- I’m somewhere close to the truth and I’m on a mission to reach it. Not like it’s a lunar body one can land on, but a point to which we can strive to be infinitely closer. It’s what we do as humans – discover.”

She brings her observations of the human experience to life with her mixed media and oil paintings. The art of being human and doing it the best we possibly can are concepts at the heart of Brinkman’s focus. “We only have so much time to live. We do our part on earth, and this is mine,” she says.

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Exhibitions (since Sept 2012):

Touch of Comfort, Flagstaff AZ, Ongoing

The State Bar, Flagstaff AZ, May 2015

Rendez-Vous, Flagstaff AZ, May 2015

Vora Financial, Flagstaff AZ, Oct-Nov 2014

Rooftop Solar, Flagstaff AZ, July 2014

The State Bar, Flagstaff AZ, May-June 2013

Criollo Latin Kitchen, Flagstaff, AZ, May 2013

B Space, Brinkman Visual Art, Flagstaff, AZ, 2013-2014

Gallery La Melgosa, Phoenix, AZ, March 2014

Bayside Art Festival, San Diego, CA, September 25+26, 2013

Mia’s Lounge, Flagstaff, AZ, June 2013

Criollo Latin Kitchen, Flagstaff, AZ, May 2013

The Hive, Flagstaff, AZ, Jan-Feb 2013

McSweeney the Salon, Flagstaff, AZ, November-December 2012

Mountain Oasis, Flagstaff, AZ, October 2012

Morning Glory Café, Flagstaff, AZ, 2012