All the photos and videos from the 7th Annual Viola Awards Gala have been posted on our website.

Click on a button to view the three different photo galleries we have from the 7th Annual Viola Awards Gala on Saturday, March 7, 2015. 600 people attended the gala event. Thanks to Matt Beaty and Taylor Mahoney for their photography.

Winner Photos
Event Photos

Visit the Official Nominees Page to learn more about each nominee and view video interviews with them.

Visit the Official Winners Page to see the Viola Award winners and learn about the event.

Thanks also to Brian Cass of Echo Productions for his video production work. He is the producer behind all the nominee videos. Click here to view our YouTube channel to see all the videos in one place. Here’s a blooper reel from interviews with the nominees that was aired at the Gala event, which is Brian’s excellent handiwork.