Tow’rs have sprung onto the music scene as a powerful new muse. They have a soulful folksy sound, weaving together gorgeous harmonies that feel immediate and grounded. The husband and wife duo are clearly on their way up.

They draw large audiences, a dedicated local following, for their shows in Flagstaff. They have opened for a number of nationally touring acts at the Orpheum Theater in 2014. They released their debut self-titled album in the last year.

towrs1From the band website:

Tow’rs is a band born out of Flagstaff, Arizona. We are a husband and wife duo that invited our friends Kyle Keller, Emma Crislip and Kory Miller along to create together. We gather influences from a wide range of SPECTRUM’S, the most influential being folk music and post rock.  Our name comes from using Tow’rs as an analogy that we are all constructing something with our lives(a tow’r so to speak) and we hope the music we create constructs a story of the love, pain, grace and questions that have defined us. We like to sing about the human narrative, the voices that have shaped us and our yearning to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


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