Todd Sullivan is the Professor Director of the School of Music at Northern Arizona University. Before joining the NAU School of Music in 2006, he taught at Indiana State University (where he also served as Chairman of the Department of Music), Northwestern University, and DePaul University.

His publications and paper presentations reflect a variety of research areas:

  • Renaissance music (Obrecht, polyphonic borrowing techniques, chant)
  • opera (Cavalli, Monteverdi, Humperdinck)
  • French Baroque dance
  • American popular music

From the nomination letter:

Todd greatly expands the definition of what it means to be an Arts Educator and Leader. There will always be a reason to honor teachers who fit the mold of Mr. Chips, Miss Bishop, or Mr. Holland, those who devote their lives to small classes of young minds, decade after decade. Indeed, Todd served that role admirably in the past. (He was given the Indiana State University College of Arts and Sciences Education Excellence Award in 2000 and was nominated twice for the Distinguished Teaching Award at Northwestern University.)

toddsullivanAs Director of the School of Music, however, he expands that spirit of dedication, that concern for the sole student in the practice room, that good-spirited insistence on excellence to one of the most complex organizations at the University. Modern understandings of the complexities of K-16 instruction require educators have a sophisticated grasp of student learning styles, the strategic sequencing of well-developed curricula, and a full appreciation of the advances in the fields of study, be they technological, pedagogical, or ethical. Individual arts instructors at NAU, in FUSD, or at FALA, for example, master their own small, important bits of that grand understanding: Todd Sullivan owns it all. From micro kids in Suzuki, to all manner of children at NAU music camps, thru the evolution of undergraduate/graduate talent, as well as the scores of community members who benefit from instruction and performances, Todd Sullivan is imbricated in their success and appreciation of music.  At the risk of being too much on the nose, Professor Sullivan has served as conductor to 100s of arts educators and 1000s of music students.


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