IMG_3784JP Snyder has progressed tremendously throughout his tenure in Flagstaff. His area of expertise, printmaking, has been applied in the most unique and untraditional ways – truly heralding his creativity. JP is an artist who creates masterpieces not so he can post them to a website or on Instagram, but because of his love of self-expression through art.

His printmaking has been highly valued by the Flagstaff community for their artistic richness and their social significance. JP makes comments about the nature of the  environment we live in through art. As unique agents of expression, his printmaking offers the viewer a realization of his internal thoughts – though in an extremely subtle manner, offering an even more interesting look into the thoughts of an artist.

His show Primary LITHO is an extremely creative applications of lithography. He printed his work of four different sheets of Plexiglas and stacked them to give the piece a dynamic and dimensional edge, of which there were five. The abstracted faces and geometric shapes that characterize his work can be seen as the absence of human contact we experience in our contemporary digital world. The gridded shapes and the characters’ expressions imply social anonymity in a world defined by social media and online personas where no meaningful or perso nal exchange exists.

Not only has JP been praised for his dedication to learning the ancient arts of printmaking, but has also been financially supported to continue his work as an outstanding member of the arts community at NAU with the Harold and Marion Scholarship.