hozhoniThe Hozhoni Foundation has been a significant part of the arts community in Flagstaff for many years. The 501c3 non-profit organization is a leading provider of services and advocacy for people with disabilities. Residential, Vocational and Educational services are provided to assist individuals in achieving their maximum potential.

Through their art gallery, Hozhoni regularly hosts art exhibitions. They conduct art classes and training year round for their clients, and often will open up art workshops to the community. Recently, their role has expanded considerably as they host one of Flagstaff’s most popular art shows, the Recycled Art Show.

In 2014, they hosted three primary art exhibitions. Masks: Exploring a Very Ancient Human Practice Across the World opened in September. Alongside Masks, they hosted workshops for the public to design masks inspired by various cultures. Angels and Demons opened in July and featured slected works from Sharon Jonas and Edwin Gideon, artists within the autism spectrum. And in the spring of 2014, they hosted the Recycled Art Show.