Craig Howdeshell is a Highly Qualified CTE teacher with qualifications in Business and Marketing and Industrial Technologies and Emerging Technologies. He teaches at Coconino High School. Howdeshell was nominated for STEM City Teacher of the Year in 2013 and 2014.

From the nomination letter:

Here is a short list of the accomplishments of Mr. Howdeshell:

  1. Career and Technical Education Department Chair
  2. Established the Project Lead The Way Engineering STEM program at Coconino High School that is available to all students who are interested in engineering
    1. Devotes 2 weeks of his summer, without pay, for training to support his engineering program
    2. Students learn best practices in engineering to prepare them for college and the workforce
      1. Level 1 Intro to Engineering
      2. Level 2 Principles of Engineering
      3. Level 3 Aerospace
    3. Upon completion of all 3 levels of the program students will receive 9 credits in drafting and 3 in machining from Coconino Community College
  3. Coconino Institute of Technology Teacher
  4. Engineering STEAM Club Adviser
  5. Innovator of the new STEAM club at Coconino High school where students take part in the new ADE Technology Students Association organization. He believes in all aspects of S.T.E.A.M Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math
  6. Renovated his classroom to meet current and future needs of students in engineering and technology
  7. Currently attending NAU for his master’s degree in Educational Technology
  8. STEM Teacher of the Year Nominee for 2013 and 2014
  9. He is a disabled military Air Force veteran who served with distinction, and has numerous awards. He brings his experience of working on aircraft and working in space command to the classroom and passes on his knowledge and skills to his students.

From a student nomination letter:

Mr. Howdeshell is an amazing engineering teacher and mentor. When I came into his class as a freshman, I was very shy. He knew that I had potential and helped me out with his class. When I did not do so good on a project that did not quite work out, to help me boost my grade in his class he had me write a 2 page paper on what the project was about which helped me keep my good grade. In sophomore year I did not have him as a direct teacher but I had him as a coach in engineering club. He encouraged me to come up with a great idea and build it though it did not work I felt like I did create something that I felt good about. That same year he helped me complete the engineering merit badge for scouts by coming up with ideas a tool. Finally in junior year where I had to do a capstone I was at a block until up to December. Then he helped me think of something as next semester I would have to start the project.