Explore your ideas about art, commerce, marketplace, audience and community. Commit to thinking big, mapping your goals, discovering new sales venues, expanding your skills repertoire. Discover the support and creative juju of an active learning and teaching community. Open your art!

artbox mary tolan2The deadline for the ArtBox Institute has been extended to Monday, November 3. Apply today to take your art career to the next level!

The ArtBox Institute is a business training and professional development program for creatives, arts administrators and artists of any medium, any age, at any stage of a career. The ArtBox Institute (ABI) is designed to provide tools and resources to navigate the business challenges of the contemporary marketplace. The curriculum is calibrated to provide a professional foundation built on acquiring practical skills for the marketplace, increasing confidence and actively participating in a community.

The ABI Curriculum is built to provide training in the business side of the arts for artists, creatives, and professionals in the creative field. ABI is designed to be hands-on, interactive learning, where participants practice what they are learning in the classroom. This includes website development, event production, artist/mission statements, social media, marketing, fund raising, grant writing, photo/video, group projects and more.

Students can be at any level or stage of their career: just getting started, mid-career, decades of experience but looking for a jolt, etc. ArtBox is perfect for artists (any genre), staff and board of arts organizations, gallery owners, performers, and anyone who aspires to success in any of these areas.

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