Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

(9-12 graders will be interested in this contest sponsored Flagstaff STEM City–with a $200 prize!)

  Flagstaff is America’s 1st STEM Community. We celebrate Flagstaff’s science, technology, engineering and math through innovative research, design, education and art. Observation is a key skill for both artists and STEM professionals, yet artists “see” STEM in diverse ways. We challenge our high school student artists to closely examine one of the categories of Flagstaff’s STEM community, and share their 2D or 3D art to enhance our understanding of STEM in Flagstaff.

The Art of STEM is an art contest sponsored by Flagstaff STEM City and open to  9th to 12 grade students in Flagstaff, AZ. Any 2D or 3D art can be submitted. It can be multimedia, but no writing or videos please. Working with your schools’ STEM educators for ideas and expertise is encouraged. All art needs to be delivered to the Museum of Northern Arizona by
Friday, October 31st at 5 p.m. All art must be labeled with the registration form attached (see PDF below). Art will be juried by a panel that includes both artists and scientists. All art, except the winning piece in each category, will be returned to the schools or students after the jury selection.

  There will be one winner in each STEM category. The winning artists will each receive a check for $200 and be recognized at the annual STEM Awards Night on November 6th at 6 p.m. at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Their art will then be displayed at Lowell Observatory (AstroSTEM), the Museum of Northern Arizona (EcoSTEM) or TGen North (BioSTEM) until the Spring 2015.

Art should represent one of the three categories:
• AstroSTEM: Includes anything related astronomy, planetary science, and physics
• BioSTEM: Includes anything related to biological and health related sciences
• EcoSTEM: Includes anything related to ecology, climate, water, and earth science

**Representing the technological, engineering and mathematical parts of STEM within these categories is highly encouraged!

The application can be found here: STEM Art Contest Flyer.