The unconventional musical duo Velocity Squared, featuring Jonathan Bergeron, NAU Associate Professor of Saxophone, and John Masserini, NAU Associate Professor of Clarinet, released Flux, a new CD of chamber music in November 2013.

Flux features six full works, including a piece by Bruce Reiprich, NAU Professor of Music Theory / Composition, written expressly for Velocity Squared. Some of the works are strict duos; others incorporate piano or interactive electronic effects. “We’re finding pieces that speak to a new audience,” said Bergeron.

Saxophone and clarinet duos are uncommon in the chamber music world, but Masserini and Bergeron are interested in creating a new niche and canon of work. “We’re in the same family, and the same sub-family. We’re woodwinds, more specifically, single-reed instruments. There’s something about the timbre—we can alter the sound to be as different or the same as we want,” said Masserini.

Masserini and Bergeron enjoy the spontaneous nature of their musical communication. Bergeron says that every time they play, it’s different. “When you find collaborative relationships like that, you want to hold on to them because they’re rare,” said Masserini.

Velocity has been performing across the country for the past two years, and the duo was invited to perform at the 2012 International Clarinet Association Conference. In February 2014, Masserini and Bergeron are going on a concert tour of Louisiana and Mississippi to promote their new CD. “If the audience is thinking about something because of what we play, then we’ve done our job,” said Bergeron.

Listen to music samples from Flux:
Sample One
Sample Two