From the nomination letters:

As a parent at Pine Forest I have watched Ms. Galloway for the last 3 years develop a passion among students for playing music. She has done this through her commitment to introducing students to music and dance from around the world, as well as instilling an appreciation for the responsibility and dedication required to play music. As a teacher educator, I watch in marvel as she nurtures unmotivated and frustrated students, without letting them off the hook. Rather she pushes them to try harder. Her commitment extends to institutionalizing music education requiring different grade levels to be involved in choir and/or band.


I’m delighted to write for Stephanie Galloway, as I feel that she is an outstanding Arts Educator who has greatly contributed to the Arts and Education in Northern Arizona for many years. I first worked with Stephanie almost twenty years ago when we worked together on a musical theatre production of the The Fantastics.  Stephanie served as the musical director on that show and I have had the honor to work with her on several musicals over the past many years.  Recently, we just completed a successful production of Spring Awakening that was well received by the University and Flagstaff communities.   A few years ago, we worked together on a very successful  production of The Putnam County Spelling Bee.  She has also worked with other NAU theatre faculty on various performance projects.

Stephanie is always prepared as a musical director and an educator. What amazes me about her talent is her ability to take singer/actors and put them as ease. Most actors are nervous about singing, but Stephanie has a calm demeanor and this creates an atmosphere that allows actors to concentrate on the multiple tasks of singing and acting. The Faculty at NAU has been amazed at what Stephanie has been able to accomplish with many of our actors. I have seen her take actors who have little vocal training and within a short time bring them to high performance levels.

In addition to training actor/singers she is also a gifted music conductor.  She has an ability to recruit talented musicians who are totally committed to the project, which involves long rehearsals and, of course, performances.  It should also be mentioned that Stephanie serves as the rehearsal pianist for all rehearsals.  This allows her the opportunity to continue to teach and work with all singers as well as the band.  This involves a huge amount of time, but, more important,  it speaks to her commitment as a teacher/artist who wants her students to give their very best  performance.  Mrs. Galloway is also a highly respected full time music teacher in one of our local school.  She is both an educator and artist.

Stephanie Galloway has served the Northern Arizona Arts community for many years.  She is a talented pianist and vocal performance artist.  I can think of no one more deserving that Stephanie for this prestigious award.