From the nomination letter:

Our community is privileged to be the home of numerous wonderful people with a vast array of talents in the performing arts. As far as I am concerned, however, Stan Sutherland, the current Board President and acting Executive Director of the Theatrikos Theatre Company, has quietly stood above the rest for the past few years.

The well-being of community theatre in Northern Arizona has been hit hard by the economic recession, and several of Theatrikos’ colleagues in the art world have unfortunately folded in the last year, including the Verde Valley Community Theatre and Canyon Moon Theatre Company in Sedona. Due to this general trend, as well as some other problems faced by the organization, Theatrikos was for a time on the brink of ceasing to exist as we have known it for over forty years.

When it became apparent that the theatre’s income could no longer support paying the salary of a dedicated Executive Director, Mr. Sutherland stood up and volunteered to take on this very time-consuming and stressful task for no pay. Since he did so nearly two years ago, Theatrikos has gotten back up on its feet financially while continuing to excel artistically, and is now very close to being in a better state than it has ever been in its long history. While the theatre’s renewed success is undoubtedly due to the work of many people, including Mickey Mercer, Linda Sutera, Becky Daggett, and Lisa Deem, it is safe to say that without Stan, Theatrikos would surely not be the leading arts organization that it is today.

I would like nothing more than for Stan Sutherland to be publically recognized for his selfless actions on behalf of Theatrikos by being awarded a Viola Award. He is a brilliant businessman and a director of world-class talent, all the while remaining an extremely friendly and humble person. He performs his duties with Theatrikos while simultaneously volunteering with Lowell Observatory, the Master Chorale of Flagstaff, and working with his wife Dawn to assist local artists.