Seth Muller’s new play, Convergence, was debuted on the stage in 2013. It was produced by Theatrikos Theatre Company, directed by Stan Sutherland, and starring Anna Good, Mike Levin and other Flagstaff-based actors. Convergence was shown in both Flagstaff and Sedona.

The story is compelling and of relevance to Northern Arizona audiences. According to a synopsis of the play, a woman named Mara finds herself drawn deeply into the spiritual teachings of a man who calls himself Taalius. Feeling lost and vacant in her own life, Mara signs on for one of Taalius’s intensive, ten-day refuges called “Unveiling Enlightenment.”

During this experience, Mara is pressed to her physical and mental limits. Although social interactions outside of the teachings are forbidden, Mara meets secretly with two other women—each drawn to the difficult spiritual quest for their own reasons. When the retreat takes a dark and deadly turn – a retreat participant dies – Mara struggles with the aftermath. This is where the story intersects with reality here in Northern Arizona, where a man was recently tried in the sweat lodge death of a participant.

“‘Convergence’ is a play that ultimately becomes an exploration of religion,” Muller said. “There is a spiritual leader. There are followers. There is a belief system. There are cynics of the faith. The play doesn’t celebrate or indict religion, but rather examines it as a force that attracts — or in some cases, repels — people in different ways.”

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