From the nomination letter:

In 2010, the Center for Global Education at Northern Arizona University launched a Global Learning Inititiave, which sent a group of students through an internship experience in a Tibetan refugee camp in Mainpat, India.

Students from the NAU Photojournalism group came together to organize a public lecture and exhibit/film screening in May titled A Sense of Inclusion: Photographic Journey of Mainpat. The presentation included 25 museum quality images, the film screening and a lecture. The group also hosted a reception for Tulki Tsori Rinpoche, the leader of the Mainpat Tibetan Monestary. They presented the work to him and gifted him with a photographic print and book they created with the monk’s images.

Apart from this event and book, two short films were created titled Visions of Mainpat: Passing on the Dharma and Voices of Mainpat: The Long Journey. These are moving accounts of the residents of Mainpat who have lived in camps since 1962 after fleeing Tibet a few years earlier.

We believe that the Photographic Journey of Mainpat offers a compelling example of extraordinary storytelling by NAU students. The subjects of this story are fascinating, and the story is told in a manner that engages and inspires. Ultimately, however, these stories reflect a broader and deeper narrative: one that speaks to the transformation of students into globally competent citizens who understand themselves in relation to the world and who possess a sense of obligation to act in ways that improve the human condition.

Images: (top) Laura Camden, (bottom) Sean Ryan