From the nomination letter:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter for Jillian Worssam.  I have worked with Jillian over the past three years both as a teacher and the Teacher on Assignment, and I find Jillian to be fantastic in all that she does as a teacher here at Sinagua Middle School. In that time she has exhibited exemplary teaching and leadership skills.

Jillian is a true leader here at Sinagua Middle School.  Ms. Worssam is well respected by students and colleagues, and creates a passion for Science among her students.  Jillian’s love for teaching and science is shown with providing rigor and relevance in her curriculum.  Jillian’s lessons allow students to use critical thinking skills and create an atmosphere of higher thinking.  Her students’ achievements are a reflection of her endeavor to teach to all students’ needs and abilities in a thoughtful, enjoyable way.  Ms. Worssam is a true leader in the classroom and in the hallways among our students and staff here at Sinagua Middle School.

Mrs. Worssam currently is the sponsor of our oceanography club as well stem club.  Jillian takes her oceanography to California every year for a tremendous learning experience for our students.  I go as a chaperone and truly have an amazing time.  Ms. Worssam is also the yearbook sponsor as along with the student newspaper sponsor.  Jillian truly loves teaching and goes above and beyond for her students and our school.  Outside of Sinagua Jillian is involved in professional development as a part of her life.  Jillian was recently selected to travel to Antartica to be involved in science research.  Mrs. Worssam is an exceptional teacher and truly loves being around and teaching kids.   It is hard to list all the assets Jillian brings to Sinagua middle school.  I would welcome anyone into her classroom and watch what an outstanding teacher she is.

Her diligence, intelligence, and energy are her most valuable assets in the classroom and when working as a team member with colleagues and parents.  It is for these reasons Jillian Worssam would be an exemplary candidate for this award and why I am honored to recommend her.

Photo courtesy Taylor Mahoney / Arizona Daily Sun

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