Jenn Jones, seamstress and owner of Madam 2 Sew in Flagstaff, unveiled a new collection of dresses made from recycled materials on April 13, 2013, at the opening reception of the Recycled Art Exhibition at the Coconino Center for the Arts. The showing was a full-blown fashion show unlike anything Flagstaff had seen before.

The event was called “Last Fashion Future.” Jone’s dresses were made from plastic bags, old VHS tapes, magazines and other discarded materials. Jones not only created each dress from scratch – each one a phenomenal work of art – but she also produced the fashion show. She brought in all the models, created a pulsating soundtrack, and orchestrated everything.

From the program notes:

“What would happen if we ran out of resources to produce textiles, yet our standard and aesthetic need for clothing remained the same? what would we wear? what would fashion collections look like if there were limited resources? This collection is an example of what the answer could be.”

Top image: courtesy Arizona Daily Sun