In 2013 Greg Brown furiously began displaying his body of work; “Views from the Magic Carpet.” A series of aerial photographs Brown manages to transcend a form typically reserved for geography textbooks and share with viewers a perspective of a myriad of uniquely southwestern landscapes. A great beauty of Brown’s work stems from their distance, My favorites amongst this body of work cause the eye to forget they’re looking at the sand and soil that surround us everyday. In “High Desert Canyon” (pictured below) a swath of green invades a neutral plane. It is only upon further inspection that the viewer discovers that we are indeed seeing a lush green river bed snake its way through a rough desert terrain.

Greg worked tirelessly to get his works exhibited many times throughout 2013, including exhibits at the College of Arts and Letters at NAU, at the Woodlands Hotel, and Prescott’s Sharlot Hall Museum. These locations each had the unique opportunity to be seen not only by our own community but also by visitors to Northern Arizona. Extending the public’s associations between Flagstaff, and innovative and exciting artwork.

Greg Brown’s website