Flagstaff Youth Theater (FYT) and its tireless founding director, Ms. Sara Drye, are nominated for the 2014 Viola Award for Excellence in Performing Arts for the their most recent production, The Little Mermaid.

Flagstaff Youth Theater, founded in 2005, provides an essential initial, early experience in the theater to children (ages 5 and up) as well as to many adults who participate actively in collaboration alongside their children.

“The effort Flagstaff Youth Theater puts into creating unique opportunities for parents and children, moms and dads, to participate in such legitimate acting endeavors alongside one another is extraordinarily unique,” said John Coe, Marshall Magnet School principal and father/husband to two longtime FYT company members. “The chance for family and community members of all ages to work together in the creative process of producing a show together is exceptional.

The family friendly workshop environment within which each show is developed provides young people with crucial training in acting and singing skills within a nurturing and encouraging environment where all are given an opportunity to learn and grow as actors and theater technicians.”

As the director, choreographer, stage manager, costume director, and “mother” to the entire FYT family, Ms. Drye puts her heart into every aspect of production, promotion, orchestration, and stage direction for each and every show. Ms. Drye has left her indelible imprint on every show the FYT company has produced since its inception and has been directing live theater in Flagstaff for 17 years.

Link to photo slideshow from the performance