The September 27, 2013, “Lost in Space” concert at Ardrey Auditorium was a resounding success combining Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra (FSO), Lowell Observatory and the Children’s Chorale of Flagstaff with a performance held during the 10-day Flagstaff Festival of Science.

The FSO was very thoughtful in planning the concert so as to incorporate a science focus with musical, vocal and visual experiences that expanded the audience’s imagination. Charles Spining, Arizona Daily Sun reviewer wrote “The musical description of the planets by Holst, from a very different perspective and vantage point in the early 20th century speaks for itself, and the FSO’s reading of this theatrical and brilliantly orchestrated work captivated the audience, particularly as Neptune, in the final movement, faded into endless space accompanied by the ethereal off-stage voices of the Children’s Chorale.”

Lowell Observatory Director Jeff Hall’s visual photographic images (many from the Hubbell telescope) gave attendees a new perspective of what is in our solar system as the FSO musicians and children’s chorale performed – an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The “Lost in Space” concert was an excellent opening for the FSO’s 64th Season and demonstrated to Flagstaff how the symphony continues to be a major player in our cultural and scientific community.

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