Spring Awakening was performed at the Clifford White Theater on the NAU Campus on November 22-24 and December 4-8, 2013.

This performance marks a culmination of passion and hard work due to the extraordinary work of many talented individuals.  It is a continuation of excellence for an organization, the NAU Department of Theatre, to boldly support musical theater that is current, provocative and yet timeless in its themes and subject matter.

The Clifford White Theater is a venue that is not only a local treasure, but a classroom for the performers and arts educators of tomorrow, the students of NAU.  Director Bob Yowell, choreographer Jayne Lee, music director, Stephanie Galloway, and many others were able to work with a group of young actors that not only brought their talents and passions, but a strong work ethic to the process of putting together a show.

It is important to note that by the time the show opened, students were performing nearly all the roles necessary for the show to run, including actors, stage managers, sound, lighting, props and costumes.  This show also marks a new level for producing such a musical at NAU.  The department purchased body microphones and the corresponding sound equipment to improve the quality of the sound for the audience, at the same time creating an educational opportunity in sound production for the NAU students.

The musicians forming the band were a mix of ages, spanning from a current NAU freshman to many NAU alumni who are professional musicians and music educators in the Flagstaff area.

Arizona Daily Sun article