Nomination letter:

I am writing to nominate Anam Cara Dixon for the emerging artist category.  Anam Cara is a soon-to-be 16 year old guitarist, singer-songwriter and harpist, and has become seriously involved in the local music scene over the last 2 years.  During this time she has also been attending music camps and making connections in the bluegrass and acoustic music circuits outside of our town as well. Anam also regularly volunteers her time to play music for various fundraising events downtown as well as at some of the retirement communities.

She continues to study with her local teachers as well as her mentor in the field.  There have been shows to be proud of in 2013, but opening for Pickin in the Pines, is at the very top of the list. Another big show for 2013 happened on Dec. 13th, 2013. Anam met Tristan Scroggins of travelling band Jeff Scroggins and Colorado at PIP and from there a duo project was born. Tristan is a young prodigy mandolin player and teacher and Anam is honored to be making music with him for the first time here in Flagstaff. Anam is especially excited to play with someone near to her own age. The seed was planted for this show a short 7 weeks ago.  Since then Anam, with the help of her teachers has put written guitar pieces to some of Tristan’s original mandolin pieces. Another big event for Anam in 2013 was her live on-air interview and performance with Tristan Scroggins on 93.5-FM Kaff Country.  To top this all off, the duo his the road for an 8-day music road tour after the Flagstaff show in which they will perform 5 times in 7 days. An album is also in the works for release in 2014!

Anam has been welcomed by guitarist Greg Blake of Jeff Scroggins and Colorado to join them for a few songs at their Tucson show in January 2014; she is honored and grateful for these continuing opportunities.  Anam Cara truly is an emerging artist, not only in our community,  but in the field as well.

Anam keeps making strides in her field of music and in my eyes she perfectly exemplifies all that one could hope from an emerging artist.  She certainly fits the bill, and at her young age she is already making those strides and contributions to her craft.  She has blossomed and will continue to make her mark upon Bluegrass and Acoustic Music both in and out of Flagstaff.

As an active community member, fan of Anam Cara, and friend of the Dixon Family, I implore you to please keep this amazing young artist in mind.