Alisa Davis directed The Cemetery Club, a theatrical production that played at Theatrikos Theatre Company’s Doris Harper White Playhouse from September 27 through October 13, 2013. The production starred Virginia Brown, Laurie Seymour and Viola Award winner, Linda Sutera.

The production was was evaluated by audience members as the best show staged at Theatrikos in years.  The show received consistent and profuse praise throughout its run, and continues to get enthusiastic comments about it.  Alisa cast the roles brilliantly, and under her guidance, the actors grew in the roles as rehearsals progressed.  The cast reported that Alisa was a joy to work with, as she provided astute guidance and insight while allowing the actors to develop the characters from within.  The performances in this production were among the strongest I’ve seen in community theater over 50 years of involvement.  The blocking, timing, and scene changes were executed to perfection.  Every aspect of the production was top-notch, due in large part to Alisa’s highly effective direction.  She worked tirelessly to assure all of the endless details were covered, as she helped build and paint the set in addition to her other duties.  Her directing talent and her devotion to the production were evident in every aspect of the performance.

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