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Grant funding is available through the Arts Council. We provide funding for non-profit arts organizations, artists and other creative groups that produce art, culture and/or science programs that benefit the residents of and visitors to Flagstaff, Arizona.

General Operating Support Grants – non-profit organizations whose mission statement clearly defines them as arts, cultural and/or science-based institutions are eligible to apply for this funding.

Project Support Grantsnon-profit organizations, and departments and schools within post-secondary education institutions, can apply for funding for arts, cultural or science-based projects that take place in the greater Flagstaff area.

Resources for Grant Recipients – if your organization has already received funding, you’ll find important resources like logos and information at this link.

Previous Grant Awards – see which organizations and projects have received funding in recent years.

Application Documents

To apply for FY2018 grants, applicants will need the Staff and Board of Directors forms below. Project Support applicants will need the budget form below.

Download the staff form here >

Download the Board of Directors form here >

Download the Project Support budget form here >

Grants for Organizations: Art & Science Fund

Funding for non-profit organizations is available through the Art & Science Fund at the Flagstaff Arts Council. The Art & Science Fund is made possible with funding from the City of Flagstaff BBB Revenues.

The new application for FY2018 grants will be posted no later than January 31, 2017. Proceed to the General Operating Support or Project Support pages for more information.

To inquire about future grant funding opportunities, please contact Kris Kosola by email or phone at (928) 779-2300 x105, or John Tannous by email or phone at (928) 779-2300 x101.

Grant Application Portal

This is the link to the CommunityGrants portal for Art & Science Fund Committee members and for applicants to access their submitted grant applications: