The non-profit arts and sciences sector means big business for Flagstaff. The sector has an annual impact of $73 million on the local economy. Our vibrant arts scene supports local jobs and puts food on the table for local families. It attracts tourists who spend money on local businesses when they travel to attend arts events and visit cultural attractions.

All of this is covered in Arts & Economic Prosperity: the Economic Impact of the Non- Profit Arts & Science Industry in Flagstaff, a report published by the Arts Council in summer 2012. The report is a project of Americans for the Arts. See below for more information.

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The Arts Council is currently collecting data for the next impact study, due to be published in summer 2017. The study will be the largest of its kind for Flagstaff, giving the arts and sciences sector its first comparative study to track its growth over the past five years. This is important as it provide insight as to how the sector has grown since the Great Recession, which hit the arts particularly hard.

For more information about the upcoming study, please contact John Tannous, (928) 779-2300 x101.

The Most Recent Study


The arts mean big business. This figure represents direct expenses of the 37 participating non-profit organizations, plus the spending at local businesses by audiences who attend arts and culture events (based on a survey of 1,332 audience members over the course of one year).


The non-profit arts and science industry annually generates $3.8 Million in city/county tax revenue and an additional $3.8 Million in state tax revenue. Considering that the City of Flagstaff annually invests about $400,000 in the arts, this is a phenomenal return. This creates funding to support essential core services in our community, like police and snow plowing.


This figure is based on the annual investment the taxpayers make to support non-profit arts and science programs ($400,000). That funding comes out of the voter-approved BBB (Bed, Board, Booze) tax revenues.


According to local economists at Northern Arizona University, this is the most significant figure in the study. It represents “outside” money that is funneled into Flagstaff as a direct result of arts, culture and science programs. It’s important to note that we surveyed audiences at events, and that more than half told us they traveled to Flagstaff specifically to attend the event.

Economic Impact Study – Resources

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This includes the full findings for Flagstaff and explanation of methodology used.

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Use the Impact Calculator to Measure Your Art/Science Organization’s Economic Impact

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