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Altared States

March 10th, 2017|Exhibitions, Jewel Exhibitions|

Altared States: Symbols, Relics, and Totems showing in the Jewel Gallery at The Coconino Center for the Arts is a celebration of, and peering into, the mysteries of the junction where art and spirituality merge. Flagstaff based artists Elizabeth Bonzani and Tanner C. Jensen will create nine altars that delve into the universal symbolism, myth, and lore [...]

Ecstasies and Homilies

July 26th, 2016|Jewel Exhibitions|

Opening in the new Hidden Light Gallery in the Coconino Center for the Arts! David Christiana's exhibit is a series of egg tempera paintings, all on 16” x 20” panels, titled “Ecstasies and Homilies.”  Though each piece carries a title referencing ecstatic events, holy days or rituals from Christian traditions, the artist is looking for [...]

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